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Specialised Overhead Glazing & Frameless Glass Roof Systems

There is nothing quite like overhead glazing, also known as frameless glass roofs or skylights.  Not only does it provide a spacious feel to any area, but it also allows the sun to seep through naturally,  lighting up any space. With Melbourne Frameless Glass, you can easily incorporate stunning frameless glass roof systems into your property, creating natural light into central areas of a property that typical windows can’t deliver.

Our team has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to help you elevate a creative architectural appearance with sophisticated frameless glass roof systems Melbourne clients love. Reduce your energy bills and the amount of artificial lighting you are using with a skylight glazing solution. The sky is the limit with the versatility in design available with skylight glazing system. 

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Benefits of installing frameless glass roofing

There are a variety of benefits that naturally come with overhead glazing, 

  • Flexibility in the position where glazed roof panels are placed allows for natural light to enter central areas, brightening up the interior of property naturally.
  • Glass skylight systems reduce your impact on the environment due to the necessity of artificial lighting.
  • Frameless glass roofing is a design statement piece for any property. 

Whether you are looking to get more sun shining through to the lounge area of your home, or want to elevate a shopper’s experience within your store with more natural light, frameless glass roof systems can achieve it all.

Professional Glass Roof Installation By Our Experts

At Melbourne Frameless Glass, we are lucky enough to have an experienced team of experts in the glass industry. We do not complete work to a standard that we wouldn’t want in our own homes or businesses, which means that we have a commitment to providing the best skylight glazing solutions in Melbourne.

We strive to guide our clients through the whole journey so they are well informed in their decision making. From the initial consultation, we provide recommendations for design & finishes that are tailored to your needs & style. Right through to the frameless glass roof installation.


With access to industry-leading tools and equipment, we have provided some of the best glass roof installation projects across residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. We are always happy to guide you through which shape, size, or design is best suited for your job. Give us a call on 0411 864 592, or fill out a contact form for a quote.


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