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Frameless Glass Balustrades for Melbourne Properties

Your balustrade doesn’t have to be a daggy safety measure for your stairway, balcony or poolside. Glass balustrades can create an effortless, luxury look to any home or property, and they won’t hinder or block out any stunning views you may be enjoying.

At Melbourne Frameless Glass, we have a range of shapes and sizes available for various balustrades, indoor and outdoor. The sharp, frameless design offers a unique look that doesn’t clash or contrast with other features of your home or property, which is why it is such a popular choice.

 frameless glass balustrade melbourne

Glass balustrading for a modern design

As a common safety feature, you still want your balustrade to look as sleek and as stylish as any other part of your home. Our glass balustrading is crisp, clean and modern, creating a timeless look that you won’t have to update anytime soon. It’s especially easy with frameless glass to redecorate, as clear glass can match nearly any look or style you want!

At Melbourne Frameless Glass, all our products are made locally, including our glass doors and fences, so you can enjoy a fast turnaround period and start enjoying your remodelling quicker. We believe in providing a professional yet personal experience with each one of our clients to ensure that they get the results and design that they’ve hoped for. Choose from clear or translucent glass, and see how it transforms your space.


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If you have a new project or renovation in the works and are looking for a stylish solution for your balcony, stairway or otherwise, get in touch with our team today. We are available to provide frameless glass balustrades throughout Melbourne, as well as in Bayside and Brighton. We are always happy to guide you through which shape, size or design is best suited for your job. Give us a call on 0411 864 592, or fill out a contact form for a quote.

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