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Frameless Glass Balustrades melbourne

Frameless glass balustrades provide a stylish, luxurious,  minimalistic open feel  to any stairwells, deckings, voids, rooftops and pool areas. Frameless glass balustrades are a timeless investment which is why glass balustrades are such a popular choice across Melbourne residential homes & commercial properties. 

Our team at Melbourne Frameless Glass offer a professional frameless glass balustrade installation service from initial assessment through to custom design, cutting & installation to ensure the perfect solution is met

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 frameless glass balustrade melbourne


Frameless glass balustrades create an open design feel to any space they’re added too, all with peace of mind that complying with safety is in place. 

We know that every area has different light requirements, which is why we offer custom glass balustrades tailored for your area. Our frameless glass balustrades are available with both clear or translucent glass options and frameless & semi frameless glass balustrade finishes.

Transform Any Internal Or External Space

Frameless glass balustrading systems are ideal for both internal & external requirements with minimal interference. They are ideal for :

  • Internal and external frameless glass balconies
  • Internal and external pool balustrades
  • Internal and external frameless glass stairwells
  • Frameless glass balustrades for rooftops
  • Any voids that need glass balustrades
  • Any other area you need glass balustrading for!

Benefits of Installing Frameless Balustrades

  • Our frameless glass balustrades offer crisp, luxurious views, creating a timeless look that you won’t have to update anytime soon. 
  • The sharp, frameless glass balustrades offers a unique look that doesn’t clash or contrast with other features of your property, with clear glass matching any style for redecorating!
  • Frameless glass balustrades are made with durable, high-quality glass & require relatively low maintenance
  • Transparency of frameless glass doesn’t hinder your view & creates an open space, an ideal choice for balconies & staircases.
  • Top railing options for glass balustrades offer design statements
  • Versatile in usage as both internal or external balustrade systems.

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High Quality Frameless Glass Balustrades Meeting Safety Compliance

All our frameless glass panels are made locally in Melbourne & meet the strict compliance for safety regulations with Australia Building Codes. You can rest assured high quality frameless glass balustrades comply with Australian Standards & are built for many years to come.

Professional Frameless Glass Installation By Our Experts

With years of expertise in the glass industry, our Melbourne based team is highly reputable & equipped to guide you through the process from consultation on frameless glass balustrade design options & finishes right through to frameless glass installation. With our frameless glass panels being sourced locally in Melbourne, we can deliver a fast turnaround so you can start enjoying your frameless balustrade quicker!

Get A Quote For Your New Frameless Glass Balustrade Today!

So if you have a new project or renovation in Melbourne and are looking for a stylish frameless solution for your balcony, staircase or poolside, get in touch with our reputable team today! Give us a call on 1300 057 349, or fill out a contact form for a free quote.



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